Timbaland speaks about new Jay Z single

Timbaland could not appear to make up his mind when he thinks about the title of his forthcoming album. First, there were reports that they were going to get Shock Value 3. After that Spring Timbo begun calling the album as Rebirth and now Timbaland has revealed another name for the album.

While performing in a packed event in Belgium for Magna Carta tour, the music artist announced that the name of his forthcoming album would be Textbook Timbo. He also gave a special preview of a forthcoming Drake and Jay Z collaboration called 4 Horsemen.

This is not all. When the event ended, Timbo with Jay Z settled to hit the club for the birthday bash of Robinson Cano. It is there at the club which Timbaland decided to play Jay Z record though to be called Bounce. It is not sure that the unheard Jay Z collaboration would be on Timbaland’s forthcoming album.

US rapper Kanye West revealed in a recent interview that he gets his motivations for partnering up with his fellow emcee Jay Z for collaborative album named Watch The Throne (2011). Apart from crafting his social skills with Jay Z’s help, he stated that he also gets help from his partner Kim Kardashian in this field.

He told that one of the reasons that he did Watch The Throne with Jay Z was not just to do a dope album, which they did, it was because Jay Z has the best social skills of anyone that he knows.