Stryder enthusiastic for Dappy partnership

Tinchy Stryder, the UK rapper, wants to work with Dappy once again. The 28 year old rapper, who already has a number one hit called Spaceship with the twenty seven year old singer, stated that he always has time to collaborate with the N-Dubz star and suggested that they might join forces very soon.

Tinchy, talking at Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero program in London previous night, told that Dapz Dapz is super-cool and super-talented. He has not seen him for a while now but they have got that connection from when they see each other in the studio. It has never ever been planned. He expected that he is good. One thing you could not take away from him is that talent. 'He brings that energy and as a person, a good heart. He has always got time for Dapz.

The You're Not Alone star also scored a chart-topping number with the aptly-named track 'Number 1' in the year 2009 along with Dappy's band N-Dubz, and Tinchy believes that everything the couple touch becomes gold.

He further added that when they we get together they just make No 1s. The UK rapper stays in the studio as long as a pro footballer goes around training in the English Premier League. According to reports, he told that he is treating it like football these days. Footballers train every day of the week, and we're in the studio making music every day of the week.