Jay Z In Talks With Investors: Considers Buying Hot 97

In the last few days, the rumor mill has been flying off the tracks with speculations that rapper Jay Z is in talks with some investors, which include Carmelo Anthony to acquire Hot 97, the NYC radio station from Emmis Communications.

This is thought to be a repercussion of the on-air rants by the influential and popular host DJ Funkmaster Flex.

The rumor, emerging from a blog called MediaTakeOut.com, who defended their source, has turned out to be a false story. When a spokesperson for the parent company Emmis Communications was approached for comment, she denied the story, confirming it to be false.

Although many had anticipated a power move in the Funk Flex vs Jay Z grumble, it is not taking place.

The feud began when Flex called Jay Z and lifeandtimes.com (Jay Z’s website) “trash” on an explosive on-air rant on the station Hot 97. Funk Flex accused Jay Z of stealing information from him for the creation of an app as well as texting the DJ in all caps. He also said to Jay that he cannot compete with him in the digital space.

The host was entertained with this story, opening the radio show yesterday as HOV 97, a rhyme to Jay 97. Although the story is dying down as of now, it was amusing while it lasted. Funk Flex pledged that he could ruin Jay if he wished, but since HOV did not comment on the troubles, it would be unsporting to persist with the fight.