Jay-Z now wants a baby boy

Rapper Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce became parents in January this year as they welcomed their daughter Blue Ivy, but their close pals tell that the couple wants more kids and next time Jay-Z is expecting a baby boy.

A close source told a leading weekly magazine that the former Destiny’s child star certainly looking for more kids, but now Jay wants a boy as each of them may have one. The couple is ready for a kid whenever it happens.

In the meantime, Raquel Smith, Beyonce's stylist tells that the singer’s style is more casual since she gave birth to her daughter and certainly it is more practical for a busy mother. She revealed that Beyonce is showing a much more relaxed side of her with mid heels and flats. She is donning more baggy printed blazers, loose tees and pants.

Ty Hunter, another stylist of her told that she would not her motherhood stop her being hot. He told that when she get dressed these days, her aim is to reveal to people that even if you are a mom, you can be sexy. She makes motherhood appear very fabulous.

Leaning back in a hot-tub on a yacht following a jetski ride, the singer stared out at the beautiful French shoreline as she nuzzled her baby few days back. It was quite tough to imagine how the pleasant scene could be meliorated. Then Jay Z entered the scene and began playing with their daughter.