Jay Z makes it to the top of Top Money-Makers List published by Billnboard

According to Billboard’s list of the highest paid musicians, American rapper Jay Z is the most paid rapper with an estimated total income of US$ 22 million last year.

The publication stated that Jay Z's total estimated revenue last year came up from US$ 1.2 million in sales, just a little over US$ 19 million from touring, and less than one million dollars each in streaming and publishing.

It is also noteworthy that his wife Beyonce comes in a few spots below the list. She is at the twelfth spot with an estimated income of US$ 19.6 million. Beyonce put up higher dollar figures than her partner in each of the sections apart from touring where she saved an estimated total of US$ 14.8 million.

Meanwhile, rapper Eminem made it to the 20th spot with greatest streaming royalties on this chart and the 2nd highest publishing, as per Billboard. It is because of a joint-tour with Rihanna, Emimen garnered US$ 5.2 million in touring and on his own made only more than US$ 4 million from music sales.

In spite of not releasing an album previous year, Drake found himself at the 21st position with an estimate total income of US$ 10.6 million, mostly built up from US$ 7.7 million in box office sales. Rihanna was in the 20th position last year, but she is not in the 32nd position.