Jay-Z and Beyoncé rent a mansion

They are star couple and they welcomed their very first child in January this year. Therefore, it is not at all a surprise that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are really keen to spend the first summer with their daughter Blue Ivy from the ever busy city of New York.

According to recent reports, the superstar couple will spend the next month in a 31000 huge mansion at the Hamptons district. The rent for the lavish property is a whopping $ 400000 for just a month.

The property includes everything from a virtual golf course to a rock-climbing wall to a 2-lane bowling alley. Reports also suggest that the place also has a performing area for kids, a tennis court, spa, a heated swimming pool and skateboard half-pipe.

Jay-Z and Beyonce would really be pleased to know that the mansion has a recording studio also. It has a 2,800 square foot master suite and a separate bedroom.

Joe Farrell has built the eleven acre lavish property in 18 months. In the year 2009, Farrell moved his own family in this mansion. From that point of time, he has rented the place in each summer for huge sum.

With the birth of Blue Ivy, Jay-Z and Beyoncé quickly turned into doting parents. Recently, Beyonce told that after the birth of her daughter, she feels that she has a purpose in life. While speaking to a leading magazine, she told that she felt more beautiful than ever before. After Ivy’s birth, she feels very connected and before that she never felt that she had a purpose in life.