AMSA orchestra’s rendition of Taio Cruz’s track Dynamite

Recently, the Anoka Middle School for the Arts orchestra secured a US$ 1000 grant for their interpretation of Taio Cruz’s highly pop track Dynamite. Just after making the video submission with her classmates, 8th grade violinist Terra Lieser stated that she was quite proud. She just love the track, she is glad that they got to play something that they like.
The orchestra, composed of both 7th and 8th grade students, was dubbed the top prize winner of Solo Play and Win Contest of Schmitt Music. The US$ 1000 grant is a great help to the program because the budget of the orchestra department is only US$ 5000 a year, said teacher Julie Schmidt.
Schmidt stated that the students were very thrilled. It was very exciting, that is a lot of money for them. The department would use the funds to purchase items like mutes, strings, new music and tuning forks. The track was selected from a list of tracks selected by Schmitt Music. Luckily the Dynamite music was already on-hand.
The competition entry was shot after 3 days of practice before even the school year finished. Schmidt told that the version they offered was captured on the 3rd take. Terra credited Schmidt with few of the success and told that she is a really good teacher. She does it in the right way.
Another 8th grade violinist Madeline Rowe was not very sure regarding the orchestra’s scope of winning. Rowe stated that he did not know how many other schools had come. But he believe that they were really good.