Allen reveals how her pet escaped

Lily Allen, the Brit pop singer, and her pet pooch escaped a telling off from US rapper Jay Z. The Brit singer is a proud owner to pooch named Mabel and she is often seen walking with her pet. Even, she takes the pet work with her that almost got her a reprimand from rap superstar Jay Z and his singer wife Beyoncé Knowles.

Recently, speaking to a leading radio network, she told that at Hyde Park in London, a couple of years ago, she tied Mabel up outside her dressing room before going on stage. Jay Z’s bodyguard came over and was like you have to move Marbel. Jay Z and Beyoncé are about to come.

After that Jay Z walked through and he was like the dog is OK. She added that, literally, it was like 99 problems and the b***h ain’t one. Lily Allen’s pet really has had an interesting life. A few years ago, the singer uploaded a snap of an injured Mabel, following a fracas with other dogs.

Even though she might have escaped a flight with Jay Z, it appeared that Marbel could not avoid all scrapes. The 28 year old shared a picture of the pet on Twitter, along with pink colored bandages wrapped across 2 of the pet’s legs.
That time, she uploaded a snap of Marble and captioned: "Mabel got beaten up by bigger dogs. She went to doggy hospital, but she's OK (sic),"